In and about Johnstown

In and About Johnstown

This page will be about people and what is happining in and around our town


Close your eyes, listen to the rattle and clanging of the trolley bell. Is that me, you ask yourself, running for the streetcar after having lunch at Tops, a cheeseburger and French fries and gravy

How about dreaming  along with me:

Can you smell of roasting peanuts, spanish nuts, redskins, cashews, etc. coming from the 5&10 cent stores on Main Street. Can you hear the trolley cars and the pigeons in the park. Can you remember the spring in your step at Christmas time in the city with the decorations and lights, visiting the window decorations at Penn Traffic, Glosser Brothers and Swanks,  A visit to  Coe's subs, and of course, Coney Island hot dogs. Can you remember not worrying about calories when you made a trip  trip to  Alwine's Dairy or Von Lunen's for an ice cream cone.

If you can dream this dream, then you, like myself, are feeling your chin for some misplaced ice cream and needing a tissue for the tear in your eye.  Tell us your fondest memories of a day gone by.  See if you can remember the intersection from which the above picture was taken.  Or, the name of the theater in the background.

If you would like to see more old pictures of Johnstown, copy and paste this link into your web browser URL and then hit "enter":

 I will meet you here after the movie. Don't forget to put gravy on my fries.

The bank building at the corner of Main and Franklin Streets